Rust-X Grade: Tectonic 506 Type 1


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RUST-X TECTONIC is a brownish liquid which can be applied with a brush on the parts to be protected or can be applied by dipping the parts. The liquid forms a waxy brown protective layer on the part, which can be degreased with solvents. TECTONIC molecules are highly hydrophobic and retard the moisture or water permeation through the layer formed. TECTONIC is highly active against acidic fumes and provides excellent corrosion protection in the acidic environments such as pickling areas or sea humidity. This can be used to protect structures, chemical plants and equipment that are intended for outdoor storage or are located in open areas and need protection. It can also be coated on automotive components which require high level of protection such as under bodies, gears, axles, transmissions etc. These can also be used to protect unpacked refinery equipment oil pipeline equipment and valves, off shore refinery parts which are not painted or coated and require protection or during the storage while commissioning, for lay-up during shut downs and also on heat exchangers, wind mills and automotive. This can also be used to protect Defense Equipment and installations where extreme climatic conditions may have detrimental effect on the properties of the equipment e.g. on cannons, guns, artillery, launch vehicles etc.


  • Easy to use by brush or dipping.
  • Provides long term protection in the open environment
  • Highly hydrophobic
  • Resistant to melting at up to 80C & so can be used even in process equipment where high temperatures are involved
  • Protects parts for up to 2 years in open environment and up to 5 years indoor


All kinds of metals, automotive and aerospace equipment, chemical plant and equipment as well as marine and offshore applications

Packaging And Storage

Store in a cool dry place and always keep oil sealed when not in use.

Technical Specifications

Physical Properties       Test Method             Value

Colour                                Visual                     Brown Liquid

Freezing Point                                                 -20°C

Specific Gravity                 ASTMD 1298         0.98-1.03

Film Thickness                                                 30-50 microns

Drying Time                                                     30 minutes

Flash point during                                            90°C application

Flash Point after                                               220°C application

Volatiles by % (by                                            50-60% weight)

Degradability  with           ASTM B 117            Passes solvents

Salt Fog Resistance           ASTM B 117           60 days

Humidity Chamber Test

DIN 50017                 2000 hrs +


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20L, 210L

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