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Corrosion Protection for boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and other process plant equipment is a difficult task as dry removable protection is required without impacting the heat or thermal transfer properties of the equipment and yet need to protect hollow spaces from the wrath of corrosion.

Also the VCI Powders should be easily removable when this equipment is brought in operation without any mechanical cleaning.

Preserving these hollow components is achieved by spraying or fogging with VCI powder using air spray or compressed air or by pouring and rolling the powder. This can also be used for hydrotesting and aqueous coating by dissolving at 2-5% in water.

The vapor corrosion inhibitor powder evaporates slowly and drifts into hard to reach areas within the component.  As much as possible, it is important to form a sealed, airtight entity.

The VCI Crystalline Powder conforms to MIL-I-22110 specifications. The Powder is free from Silica. It is also available in Special Fogging Bucket, which is convenient to use by just attaching a blower or compressed air pipe. This makes handling the powder much easier where it does not come in contact with the user and is not breathed in during handling.

The product is nitrite free and protects multi metals like copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, tin etc.


  • Easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Provides long term corrosion inhibition for metals, wood, plastics or non metals.
  • Free from phosphates
  • No caking of powder occurs in VCI 4201
  • Silica free product
  • Very fine granuels of powder without any lumps
  • Special can with ultrasonic nozzles which can attached with blower and pipe to avoid direct contact of person handling the powder


  • Due to its powdery form, it is easy to fog and cover the areas which are hard to reach.
  • These can be placed within heat transfer equipment tubes as well as equipment which is hollow.
  • The inhibiting VCI molecules act by saturating the inside of the equipment and provide longlasting and constant sublimation until the equipment is put to use and these are washed away.
  • VCI layer is self-replenishing and replenishes itself when package is re-closed after opening for inspection or such other purpose

VCI 4201 compatible with

  • Carbon steel
  • Alloy steel
  • Stainless steel


Apply VCI 4201 by dusting, fogging, or sprinkling using the special nozzled can or without the nozzled can.

  • Apply VCI 4201 in aqueous form after mixing powder with water if required by spray, brush, flush, or immersion
  • Use low to medium pressure air blower or fogging pump


When required, VCI 4201 in powder form can be removed by using a low pressure air gun or by a water rinse. Typically, if applied in aqueous form when pre mixed with water, the product does not require removal


Technical Specifications


Bulk Density

300-400 kg/m3


White Powder


Soluble in Water 15-20%

pH in water

6-7.5 @ 1%

Effective Dosage in water for protection


Nitrite Free


Vapor Pressure

>1X10-4mm HG

Dosage for tanks and vessels

200 gm/m3 of free volume for upto 1-year protection 300 gm/m3 of free volume for up to 2-3 year


Dosage for small diameter pipes &


30 gram per sq meter for upto 1 year protection 40 gram per sq meter for

2-3 year protection

For Hydro testing and Corrosion Protection coating after Hydro test

2-5% Can be dissolved in water

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1KG-10PCS/Box, 20KG

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